‘Forbidden History’ by John Dudley Aldworth

They survived slaughter here that all but exterminated their ancestors, the first peoples of New Zealand. Now for the first time the descendants of these Old World Europeans, who reached here over 2,000 years ago, reveal this country’s true past.

Their moving stories are told in Forbidden History, by journalist John Dudley Aldworth, a controversial yet compelling book which sees this country’s history through the lens of these first settlers, rather than of Maori or latter day European arrivals. It is the first to do so.

Forbidden History provides proof aplenty, scientific and historical, of the real existence of these first residents, the ancient Patupaiarehe and Waitaha people. This despite orthodox New Zealand history deeming both their peoples either mythical or extinct.

Yet DNA testing has proved Patupaiarehe leader Monica Matamua does indeed hail from the Mediterranean from whence they sailed some two millennia ago halfway round the world to this remote land. Now in her 80s Monica still has the golden hair, green eyes and fair complexion characteristic of her Phoenician, Celtic origin.

She descends from only five Patupaiarehe left on their land after the horrific slaughter of her once thousands strong Ngati Hotu tribe near Taumarunui. Her genetic make-up is of Mediterranean, European and Peruvian origin and she can recount in detail the history of how her people fled war to reach New Zealand.

The book also features the story of Hori Kupenga Manuka Manuka (George Connelly), the last Upoko Ariki (paramount chief) of the Waitaha people. He holds that the Waitaha first made Northland’s Pouto Peninsula their homeland around 550AD before also settling the South Island and setting up a country-wide trading system using twin hulled canoes.

Hidden as a child to preserve his life he tells how four predecessors in his royal chiefly line were murdered. Both Monica and Chief George insist their peoples lived in peace together for many centuries before the coming of the Moriori and the Maori, a heritage they want all New Zealanders to own.

Forbidden History traces the odyssey of these peoples escaping war-torn lands to found a peaceful paradise. It also features much historical, archaeological and other evidence of their arrival and that of others people who reached the ‘Far Off Land” before Maori.

One chapter, for example, provides solid evidence of a massive Chinese junk wrecked on the Northland coast some 600 years ago. There are also massive faces anciently carved in rock, a Patupaiarehe timber temple and a huge stone star calendar thought to be over 2,000 years old.

Featuring 70 mainly full colour pictures, Forbidden History is a 240-page quality softcover book on gloss stock, described as a gripping read by those who have previewed it.

Available at some book shops and also direct from the author for $50 plus postage.

Visit John’s website Forbidden History or email him at [email protected] to secure your copy today.

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